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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 06:08:50 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 4Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental.Chapter 4 Well after a real good dinner and then relaxing on the balcony, watching the sunset we all went to bed. We were all so tired from the days love making that we just cuddled together to sleep. I awoke needing to really piss, but didn't want to bother the two boys sleeping beside me. But my bladder was protesting so I slowly started to move out from between them."What's the matter Master?" Devine whispered."Just need to pee son.""I'll take care of that for you Master." He immediately slipped down and took my soft cock in his mouth.I couldn't help myself, even as I wanted to protest, my body took it out of my hands. As soon as I started I couldn't stop. Devine just swallowed and swallowed. I was very surprised he never missed a drop. When I was done he laid back down."Thank you Master. I was thirsty."I turned and kissed him."Thanks Son, but need not have done that.""But Master. I want to do everything for you.""Okay Son." I kissed him again.He cuddled up close and we went back to sleep. When I woke in the morning both boys were already up. I headed for the bathroom. When I got there Onou was waiting. As I stood over the toilet."My turn Master." He knelt down to take my soft cock in his mouth."Onou you don't have to this, I can handle it myself.""Master, Devine and I will share everything. We love you."Jesus. I let him drink my morning load. Then climbed into the shower. He followed and proceeded to wash me. He then gently cleaned me out. After rinsing he toweled me dry."Thank you Onou. You are very talented young man.""Your welcome Master."I went and slipped on underwear and cargo shorts, with a light shirt. Onou dressed too. When I walked into the living room, I saw Preteen Sex Videos all three backpacks by the door and a fresh pot of coffee on the table. Devine was dressed in cargo shorts and sandals."I didn't order breakfast Master. I didn't know what you wanted.""That's okay Son. We'll have breakfast in the dinning room after we load the rover. Just one other thing boys, you will not drink my piss from now on. I don't know where you got the idea from, but it is not necessary.""Yes Master." They both replied.We carried our bags down and loaded the Rover. Charlie had one of his kitchen boys bring out the cooler. From the way he struggled I figured Charlie had gone all out. I gave him a nice tip and then the three of us headed inside for breakfast. Not a single comment was made as we sat and had a wonderful breakfast."Where are we going Sir?" Devine asked."I think we'll head north up the coast. There is a nice resort right on the water north of Saldanha. It has cabins right close to the beach and its quite nice. Being the off season we shouldn't have any problem getting a unit on the beach."We finished breakfast and headed out. Both boys were not wearing shirts, but I was right their bulges in the cargo shorts were very prominent. The weather was wonderful and so was scenery, both inside and outside.There were very few vehicles on the road and about lunchtime we pulled off the road and ate lunch looking out onto the blue Atlantic. Before I left Cape Town, I have given both boys one each of my digital cameras and showed them how to use them. I told them to take pictures of anything they liked. The first pictures they took were of each other and then me. About 1:30 we passed through Saldanha. We didn't stop, just kept going about another thirty km. When we came to the resort, Shipwreck Bay Inn, I drove to the entrance."What's that sign mean Sir?" Devine asked me.I looked where he was pointing. A huge sign said Preteen Sex Videos 'WHITES ONLY'."I'm not sure son."I walked in to register."Yes." No Sir: No good afternoon."I'd like a cabin on the beach. My two servants will be staying with me."He looked out to the Rover."No kaffers allowed in the cabins. They will have to stay in the servants quarters.""Not a chance. Where's John Hanna?""Who's asking?""Are you always this way with customers?""I'm the manager. What I say goes.""Well not today. So where is John Hanna? He is the owner, is he not?""He had a heart attack last year and hired me to manage the joint. He's in hospital in Clanwilliam."I turned and walked out. Fuck him. I climbed back into the Rover."Well we won't be staying here."I picked the travel guide I had and looked to see if there were any other places close by. The only other one was about 20km up the coast. Well I was reading Onou said."Look what that guy is doing."When I looked I saw the Manager laying a beating on a young Negro male. He had him by the hair and punching him in the face. I was about to jump out when the manager just kicked him once in the balls and then shoved him away. The boy staggered away. I couldn't understand what was being said but his gestured indicated he was kicking the young man off the property. He seemed not to care that we had witnessed the beating. He just turned and walked back inside."I hope you guys got pictures of that.""Yes Sir." They both said.I waited a few minutes and then drove out onto the highway. I could see the young man staggering up the highway. As I drove up to him, he took one look and ran head long into the bush. I stopped and ordered the boys to go get him and bring him back. Both ran into the trees.Several minutes later they walked out with him in tow. I think he was in too much pain to resist. I stood him by the tailgate of the rover and looked over his wounds. He was bleeding badly from the nose and it looked like it was broken. When I touched his cheek where it was really bruised he screamed. I thought his jaw might be broken too. He was still clutching his crotch, so I figured he had a rupture. I asked him to move his hands away to make sure they were loose. He flatly refused. Then Onou started talking in a dialect I didn't understand. In a moment he looked at Preteen Sex Videos Onou and then looked at me. He dropped his hands to his side. I shucked down his dirty shorts, ignored the nice uncut cock and reached under to check his testicles. Damn the guy had kicked him so hard they were almost pushed up into his body. I had to get this kid to a hospital ASAP."Devine. How far does the map say Clanwilliam is from Saldanha.""A 100 km Sir.""So about seventy left. Get the packs in the back seat. Onou you stay back here with him. Try to keep him comfortable."After rearranging things I jumped in the Rover and sped off toward Clanwilliam. I think I was doing about 120 KPH when I saw blue flashing lights in my rear view mirror. I quickly pulled over. The officer, the biggest Negro I had ever seen climbed out of the police car."In a bit of hurry are we? The speed limit is 80 KPH.""I have a badly beaten boy in the back I need to get to hospital as soon as I can."He took one look at the boy in the back."Right. Follow me."He jumped back in the car and sped off lights and siren wailing. I had a hard time keeping up. He lead me directly to the emergency entrance of the hospital. I jumped out and ran around and dropped the tailgate. Onou helped the kid to sit on the tailgate. I then picked him up and headed for the door. The officer had the most astounded look on his face. I ran inside."I need some help here." I said.When everyone seemed to ignore me."NOW DAMN IT!" I shouted.A white man in a lab coat walked out to the reception area."This boy has been severely beaten. He has a broken nose and maybe jaw. He has also been ruptured and his testicles look like they have compacted."The man took one look at the young boy."Bring him in here."He lead me into an examination room and I gently laid him down. He screamed as his back touched the bed. The doctor quickly gave him a quick shot of morphine before he started to examine the boy."You'll have to wait outside Sir." He said.As I left I heard him yell for a couple of nurses. I walked back to the reception area and right into the huge Negro cop. He towered over me by at least 6inches and out weighed me at least 100 pounds."How did he get beat up? Did you do it?""No. Come with me." I walked around him and outside.I walked to the Rover and pulled my laptop from my briefcase. I went to the tailgate of the Rover and told Devine and Onou to give me the cameras. I quickly downloaded the pictures from the cameras and then showed the cop."You must come to my station so I can print these pictures. I know this man, I have had run ins with him before. But nothing I could charge him with. Now I do. I will also need your statement and those of your two boys.""First I want to make sure that boy in there is okay.""You need not worry. Doctor Morgan is the best Doctor in Clanwilliam. He is in good hands.""Okay. Lets go. Get in the Rover boys."We followed the policeman to his station. We spent almost two hours giving our statements and down loading and printing off the pictures. The policeman told us that it would very good if we could stay in the area for a few days until after Mr. Gooseman was arrested and arraigned. I told him I wouldn't be leaving until I knew that boy I had found was okay. After we were done we headed back to the hospital. We all walked in."I'm looking for the boy I brought in earlier." I asked at the desk."He's room 219 on the second floor. You have to talk to Dr. Morgan before you can see him."We went to the second floor and down to 219. Dr. Morgan was just coming out of the room when we arrived."How is he Doctor?""Well, his nose was broken, but not his jaw. He has several hairline fractures all down the left side of his face. He was also severely ruptured. Also I have to tell you he was whipped very badly on his lower back, buttocks and thighs. We have fixed the worst of his injuries and they will heal but, he won't talk to us, and the beating and whipping might have deranged him. I just don't know.""Can we see him?""Only for a few minutes. I have given him something for the pain and to help him sleep."We Preteen Sex Videos walked in and Onou went to one side of the bed and Devine to the other. Onou took the boys hand in his and started to talk to him in a language I couldn't understand. The boy looked at Onou while he was talking, sometime looking up at me. Devine was crying as he held the boys other hand.Presently the boys eyes started to close as he fell asleep."Can we stay with him a while Sir? Onou asked.I looked at the Doctor. He nodded yes."Okay Onou, but only for a while. I have someone else here in the hospital I want to talk to. I'll be back in a while.""Who?" The Doctor asked."John Hanna.""Ah yes. He is the cardiac ward on the fifth floor. He should be room 506, if he hasn't wandered off.""Thank you."TBC
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